Here are the materials that you will need for the 1-credit miniROV course.

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Individual Parts Lists
Click here to download an excel spreadsheet of individual parts and where you can purchase them.
Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Purchase the full kit from the LBCC SPS Club – $120
Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Basic Tool Kit – $60
This contains the basic tools you’ll need for any electronics project.  You might already have these tools at home or in the lab.
Rectangle: Rounded Corners: K’Nex Frame – $10
If you want to purchase one of our favorite frame designs, here is a nice one made from many people’s favorite engineering toy.








Please see returns policy below before making your purchase.

Schools and School Bookstores, please see bulk purchase information below.


The MiniROV Kit Contains:

·        1 Arduino UNO

·        2 motors

·        1 two sided H-Bridge

·        1 light sensor

·        1 one color LED and a 3-color LED

·        1 pressure sensor

·        And a variety of cables, breadboards, headers, and other goodies that will form the basic platform of your miniROV.

The choice of the components of this kit were selected and tested through five generations of students at Linn-Benton Community College.  You could buy all this stuff yourself and save about $15.


You will need a basic tool kit:

·       A soldering iron and solder

·       a screwdriver

·       wire strippers

These are all tools that a basic tool chest should have.  For simplicity, you can buy this from us when you purchase your kit.  It might be more fun for you to go to your local electronics store and buy your own materials.


K’Nex ROV Frame:

Eventually in this project, you will need to create a miniROV frame.  Many of my students have built frames out of items they found in the recycle bin at school or at home.  A quick run to a local plumbing store also serves well for students wanting to use PVC for the frame.  One year, a set of three brothers in one of my classes introduced me to K’Nex – if you want something that is easy, is going to work and looks nice, order this frame from us.



Once you have opened your kit, it cannot be returned.  An unopened kit and/or frame can be returned for a $20 fee.

If you break something in the kit, many credit cards will reimburse you for the broken piece.  You can then buy from us a replacement for the broken piece.

Remember, these kits are not toys.  These kits are the supplies for a 1-credit college course.  We have chosen parts that, from experience, are robust and appropriate for freshmen college students.  However, as in any college course, if you break something you will need to purchase a new one.


Schools and School Bookstores:

If your school is offering this course, you can purchase kits directly from us rather than having to put together kits from scratch.  For every 14 kits you purchase, you will get a 15th kit for free that can serve as a parts kit for the instructor for pieces that get lost or damaged by students or professors*.  Again, I am sorry, but kits cannot be returned.


*As a professor, I can say from empirical evidence that I am better at breaking things than most students.  That being said, a breakage rate of about one-out-of-fifteen has been about right over the past several years.  The first year you offer the course, you might consider purchasing an extra kit or two just to be safe.  Also, I always have more students sign for the course than I list in the schedule of classes – as I am very bad at turning students away, it is always useful to have an extra kit on hand.