Checkpoint 5 – Read Data from a Pressure Sensor


Goals for this Checkpoint:

·        Get the Arduino to collect data from a pressure sensor.

·        Visually display data from the pressure sensor

·        Figure out how to use the pressure sensor in water

·        Make a graph in VPython (if time permits)


Step 1:  Create a program that will read the voltage from a pressure sensor. 

A MPX4250AP-ND pressure sensor has been included in your kit.  It works similarly as your light sensor did.  Thus, you are going to create a circuit similar to your light sensor circuit.  You won’t need the 500W resistor as the resistor is built into the pressure sensor.


Step 2:  Create a visually pleasing graphical output that can help a person see pressure readings.


Step 3:  Here is the first real step in construction of your underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) where you are going to have to take into account our dreaded enemy water.  Your pressure sensor needs to detect the pressure of water at a certain depth and, of course, your Arduino will not fare well in a submerged environment.  Thus, you are going to have to eventually decide if and how you are going to keep your Arduino waterproof or decide if


Waterproofing the Some tool and components you can use include:

·        Glue guns

·        Ethernet cable

·        Soldering irons



Step 4:  If time permits, learn some more VPython:

·        Learn how to use a “label” at

·        Learn how to create a graphical VPython output of you data by going to:




MPX4250 Schematic

Pin 1:  Vout

Pin 2: Ground

Pin 3:  Vcc

Pin 4:  V1

Pin 5:  V2

Pin 6:  Vex